American Tobacco Tenant NET Power Goes Public at $1.5B Valuation

ATC tenant NET Power’s hard work and dedication are paying off as the energy sector disruptor went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: NPWR) at a $1.5 billion valuation. 

Representative of the best of Bullspeed innovation, NET Power’s “proven technology generates near zero-emissions utility-scale power, delivering the world’s first scalable solution that achieves the energy trifecta: clean, reliable, low-cost power.”

A true game changer that could lead to a greener energy future, NET Power has long incubated its technology in the Crowe Building before reaching this milestone of any successful business. 

In a press release announcing the public offering, incoming CEO Danny Rice said, “Today, around 60% of global power generation comes from coal and natural gas-fired power plants that produce reliable and low-cost power. However, these plants collectively emit nearly 14 billion tonnes of CO2 per year, accounting for approximately 37% of total global emissions. By replacing these plants with NET Power’s proven technology, we can eliminate nearly 100% of these emissions while providing reliable and low-cost power that people deserve. I’m excited to help NET Power deliver the energy trifecta and become the global leader in clean power generation.”

You can find out more about NET Power and its technology HERE.