• Momentum Learning, Inc has opened for business in the American Underground as a training company with the aim of serving the Triangle’s tech market.

• Momentum will offer courses for career changers and professionals along with customized training for organizations. 

• Momentum’s immersive code education courses expect to start early 2018 for career changers seeking career opportunities as software developers. 

• Momentum is in partnership with the American Underground to bring industry driven talent development and training into the ecosystem. 

• Momentum’s founders were founders of The Iron Yard’s campus in Durham in 2014 and both served in senior leadership positions for the company. 

Raleigh/Durham, NC – (November 29, 2017) – Momentum Learning, Inc has officially opened to serve the tech and business community in the Triangle as the premier place for transformative professional education. 

In partnership with the American Underground, Momentum will be a center for  transformative education that meets the needs of the modern workforce by supporting career changers and professionals.  

Momentum’s primary offering is a 3-month immersive code-education course designed to provide the skills needed for people to earn jobs as professional software developers. Pending approval from the state, Momentum expects to start immersive courses in spring 2018 and will offer courses throughout the year between Durham and Raleigh.  

Momentum will also offer customized training for organizations and has already taught its first custom training for a local software company. Additionally, Momentum will offer a suite of part-time classes for developers along with free crash-courses for those looking to enter the industry.  

Momentum was founded by two former members of The Iron Yard’s leadership team. Jessica Mitsch, formerly an executive at The Iron Yard is leading Momentum as CEO. Clinton Dreisbach, a former instructor and Director of Academics at The Iron Yard will serve as Momentum’s CTO in charge of curriculum and instruction.  

Both Mitsch and Dreisbach were founders of The Iron Yard’s Durham campus, which opened in 2014. Mitsch oversaw national code school operations for The Iron Yard, a position she earned after running a successful startup operation with The Iron Yard in Durham. Tied with Dreisbach, who is the technical mastermind behind Momentum, the two are a strong force to start and lead Momentum.  

“I have worked in tech ecosystems across the country and am proud to be from Raleigh/Durham. We have an impressive tech and startup community and we’re incredibly excited to focus on building Momentum and continue to grow the Triangle as a premier place for talent” Mitsch says.  

Additionally, Momentum has a board comprised of Adam Klein, Director of Strategy for Capitol Broadcasting Company Durham + Rocky Mount, who brings a unique perspective of the local ecosystem and resources from CBC’s network. Doug Kaufman, CEO of Transloc is also on the board, tying in the perspective of a tech employer.  

The Iron Yard announced its closing nationwide this summer and wrapped up its operations in Raleigh/Durham last month. Momentum has taken over the leases on both spaces The Iron Yard occupied: one in Durham at AU’s American Tobacco Campus and the other on Fayetteville Street downtown Raleigh.  The partnership with the American Underground goes beyond real-estate. The companies plan to work alongside each other to continue boosting the Triangle area as a center for talent and innovation.  

“Momentum will make the Triangle’s tech talent pool even richer, boosting our national standing and benefiting everyone from our startups to our maturing companies to our full fledged corporate juggernauts,” said American Underground Executive Director Doug Speight. “We look forward to watching Momentum graduates move through the ranks, supporting our culture of innovation and perhaps becoming startup founders themselves.”    

You can sign up for additional announcements and information at momentumlearn.com or by contacting info@momentumlearn.com. For more on the American Underground’s perspective, please contact BWarden@GBWStrategies.com.