DURHAM, N.C. — The Durham Bulls Athletic Park (DBAP) will open its stands, seats and empty baseball field exclusively for Pokémon Go players Tuesday.

From 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., gamers can purchase a $5 ticket to enter the ballpark’s stands and field to search for, and capture, their favorite Pokémon characters. All of the proceeds earned from the event will benefit Second Chance Pet Adoptions.

Currently the number one app in the iTunes App Store, players can use Pokémon Go on their smartphones and other devices to capture virtual Pokémon.

The app uses players’ cameras and locations to show their surroundings, encouraging them to walk around to find characters and capture them by throwing pokéballs at just the right angle.

“Over our last homestand we found that the DBAP proved to be a hotspot for Pokémon, with characters popping up in all areas of the stadium,” said Bulls General Manager Mike Birling. “The problem was, many of the Pokémon were on the field, and our fans weren’t able to catch them.” 

The game is sweeping the nation, and, now that the Bulls are on the road for two weeks, its the perfect time for the stadium to host such an event for area residents.

“The great thing about the app is that people can play it anywhere,” said Birling. “Our situation is slightly different, though, as fans [normally] don’t have acces to our Pokémon-filled field. [Now], we can make sure no Pokémon at the DBAP goes uncaptured.”