Find your Millennial City

“Yes, it’s 2018 and millennials still gravitate to big coastal hubs. But, they’re also moving to places like Durham, Columbus and Nashville. POLITICO worked with Stateline at the Pew Trusts to find the most millennial cities in the U.S. We factored in things like the city’s GDP, how many millennials live there, and how they get to work.

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How This 25-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Convincing Companies Like Chick-fil-A and Delta to Save the Bees

“Most mornings you’ll find Leigh-Kathryn Bonner on a rooftop tending to a beehive in her pink beekeeping gloves; in the afternoon, she’s in the conference rooms of Fortune 500 companies meeting with CEOs. This 25-year-old’s mission: convince companies with massive headquarters to host a few beehives–and, in the process, help rebuild the bee population.”

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