Power Plant Gallery’s ‘Reflections Within the Transitioning Grid’ combines technology with nature

“When you read the title “Reflections Within the Transitioning Grid,” an image undoubtedly forms within your mind—of mirrored surfaces, perhaps, or of the countless “reflection” papers your seminar professors have surely assigned throughout the course of your study. For me, the title invoked a sense of curiosity. Grid as in electricity? Grid as an artistic element? As in what modern cities are built on? I would soon learn that the interpretations I dreamt up all spoke to one of the fundamental themes of the exhibit: change. “

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Moogfest Posters and Synth Art

Moogfest Posters and Synth Art from the American Tobacco Collection
May 18 – July 28, 2017 – Reed Lobby Art Gallery

American Tobacco Campus presents its collection of Moogfest art posters from 2010-2016.  The posters were created for SYTH: A Group Art Show Inspired by Bob Moog.

Moogfest is a tribute to Dr. Robert Moog and the profound influence his inventions have had on how we hear the world. Over the last sixty years, Bob Moog and Moog Music have pioneered the analog synthesizer and other technology tools for artists. This exchange between engineer and musician is celebrated with a unique festival format where the creative process is understood as a collaboration among many people, across time and space, in commerce and culture.